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What is the passive voice?

How to recognize the passive voice in your writing, and what to do about it.

What is dynamic tactile sensing?

I wrote this blog post to explain why people and robots need two types of sensing abilities – static and dynamic –in order to have a “sense of touch.” The final version, which you can read on Robotiq’s blog, includes revisions by the editor.

Tactile Intelligence: Why it’s the Future of Robotic Grasping

I ghost-wrote this blog post (published here with author’s permission) about why robots find it so hard to pick stuff up, and how new research is helping. The final version, which you can view at IEEE Spectrum, includes revisions by the editor.

Travel Tips: India

Where we went In July 2015, my then-boyfriend and I went to India for two weeks. Our main reason for the trip was to attend the wedding of a good friend, but we were also excited to see such a different part of the world. We visited several cities within the states of Kerala, Tamil…
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