Writer & Editor

Hi, I’m Kate.

I’m a freelance editor committed to helping robotics professionals share their work with the world.

What I do

Are you a researcher, professor, or businessperson in robotics, engineering, or science? I can edit or proofread your academic research, content marketing material, and sales literature.

Whether it’s a

  • journal article,
  • conference paper,
  • Master’s or PhD thesis,
  • blog post or e-book,
  • spec sheet, brochure, catalog, or
  • press release and media kit,

I’ll work with you to make sure your audience not only understands your writing, but enjoys reading it as well.

How I got here

I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. I moved to Montreal to study at McGill University.

While a student, I started editing academic papers on a part-time basis. I earned my B.A. in political science and economics and began working full-time as an editor in a robotics research lab (CoRo Lab at ETS).

Since then, I’ve been expanding my freelance editing business.

Why I do what I do

More than anything else, I absolutely love to read. I’ve wanted to be a book editor since grade five (when my teacher suggested it to me as a career).

However, I don’t love books for their stories or language alone, but because of what I learn from them. What I’m really passionate about is knowledge.

The best way to convey knowledge, in my opinion, is through thoughtfully conceived, rigorously constructed, and eloquently concise writing.

That’s the kind of writing I like to read; and as an editor, it’s what I strive to help create.