Hi, I'm Kate

I'm a technical editor specializing in robotics, and I help engineers, scientists, and creators share their ideas with the world.


Need your piece to be perfect? I’ll make sure your writing is error-free and ready to publish.


Maybe English isn’t your first language, or maybe writing just isn’t your thing. I’ll revise each sentence so it sounds like it was written by a native English speaker.


If you’re struggling to complete a section of your work, let me write it for you. I’ll present your points in a clear and logical order.


Everyone at Vention loves working with Kate. She’s a one-of-a kind professional who brings the ideal mix of high-quality, rigorous work and a strong set of rules and discipline to each project.

Etienne Lacroix

Founder & CEO

I hired Kate for two editing jobs. She did a fabulous job on both. Both experiences were professional, quick, and with excellent results. I would definitely hire her again!

Celia Greenwood

McGill University

Senior Investigator
Quantitative Life Sciences
Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research

Kate is the best technical editor I have worked with. She is practical in her coaching, flexible with fast turn-around times, and very easy to work with. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Guillaume Mercier

Industrial Innovation Venture Fund
BDC – Business Development Bank of Canada

I have worked with many reviewing services. Kate’s work is, quite honestly, at par with and even better than these professionals. I’m really impressed by the quality of her work.

Tony Wong

Automated Engineering

Hiring Kate in 2014 proved to be one of the best decisions I made that year. Since then, she’s improved not only my research papers, but also responses to reviewers, grant proposals, and much more.

Vincent Duchaine

Research Chair
Interactive Robotics

Kate’s work was of tremendous value when I wrote the book Lean Robotics. She worked diligently to meet tough deadlines and was very professional. I highly recommend her services!

Samuel Bouchard

Co-founder & CEO

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